Zoho Workplace - applications in the cloud for its place of work

Essential tools to create, to collaborate effectively and to communicate, in a single place

9 applications including in Zoho Workplace for its needs of work:

A suite of office to create things.

  • Zoho Writer (document publisher)
  • Zoho Sheet (publisher of spreadsheets)
  • Zoho Show (publisher of presentations)

Tools of collaboration.

  • Zoho Docs (file storage) and participation of the public)
  • Zoho Showtime (tool to share presentations)
  • Zoho Sites (generating of websites)

Tools of communication.

  • Zoho Mail (commercial and modern e-mail)
  • Zoho Cliq (tool of instantaneous mail)
  • Zoho Connect (a corporative social network for other forms of modern corporative communications)

All our plans include the version of Zoho WorkPlace FREE

We are Partners authorized of Zoho Workplace and are preparations to help it in the configuration of its Zoho account, including without position in each of its sites hosted in LojaHost, or in unlimited hosting or the plans for distributors.
They never are to announcements in the mail interface Web of Zoho Mail. Not even in the gratuitous plans. This is translated in a total respect by the privacy of the user, since their messages in search of keywords will not be analyzed to offer announcements him. Nevertheless, free being of annoying announcements is not the most outstanding characteristic of Zoho Mail. It is the ample range of options to organize and to categorise his messages. What includes known elements, as folders, labels, unique brands of pursuit and automatic filters, as well as capacities, as the view of conversation with thread style of nested mail.
Facilities and updates of software finished to the days of. It transfers his office to the cloud. In Zoho Workplace, in addition to Zoho Mail, Zoho Docs is included, an integral set of programs of document management and office in line that is executed directly from the navigating Web. Their users can create documents of text, spreadsheets and presentations, publish them and collaborate among them, in line. Along with the integrated modules of contacts, notes, tasks and calendar, Zoho Mail provide the best tools to increase to the productivity and the efficiency, and we secure all the connection using managed vps hosting to protect all the data.

Packages Available



(up to 5 users)


  • 5GB
  • Alias
  • Unique domain
  • App



usuary x - annual


  • 30GB
  • Alias
  • Multiple domain
  • App



usuary x - annual


  • 100GB
  • Alias
  • Multiple domain
  • App



usuary x - month

to consult annual

  • 1TB
  • Alias
  • Multiple domain
  • App