Program of Resellers de Hosting

from 1997

We not only offer the chance to him ‘to resell’ our packages of lodging Web as it is the case of many programs of reseller in other companies of hosting, but we give the flexibility him to create its own company of hosting. You will be able to create his own plans and to load his own prices. You will be able to sell so many accounts as its capacity of sale allows it. We do not put limits to him to their imagination.

He will be able to almost have the image of a great company of Web hosting without investment… Our program of distributors is also completely anonymous. It will be able to use his own customized servers DNS with his main domain, remaining hidden DNA completely of his business and thus allowing more freedom to promote his services.

How it works

Everything what you need to begin his own company of Web hosting is to contract cualqueira of the published plans down. If it needs something special to his measurement, it does not doubt in contacting to us. We count on our own hardware and connectivity, reason why we can adapt to his needs.

Next, it will be able to know the advantages the system and characteristics of the plans that its easy and income-producing work will formulate but. If it has doubts, questions or simply wish to ask for some special plan to us, please contacts to us.

Advantages of the program:
  • Total anonymity and white brand. Its website lucira as a great company of Web hosting.
  • Exclusive technical support and differential by Skype/Chat/Email/Whatsapp to all ours resellers.
  • Experience in the market of the Web hosting, ecommerce, Wordpress and developments Web from 1997.
  • Infraestrucutra of fast super network and with components of quality superior.
  • Servers located in datacenters friendly with the environment.
  • Guarantee of noninterference in the trade relations with its clients.
  • Total freedom tariff (it can resell to the price that you fix) and of management.
  • Possibility of reselling other services offered by LojaHost (registry of domains, design Web, wordpress and more)
  • Advising on electronic commerce and developments Web.
  • Exclusive promotions for resellers, discounts and plans free.