All the Domains… A single Registrante

It creates his identity in a matter of minutes in line. It reserves his name of domain today, with our incredible support, many gratuitous options of extensions and services including!

.org .uk

Price list of Registries

It today registers his domain to the best prices and very easily manages it through our administrative interface.

COM $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
NET $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
ORG $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
BIZ $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
INFO $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
YAM $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
The EU $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
ME $41,79 $41,79 $41,79
WEBSITE $29,89 $29,89 $29,89
WS $34,95 $34,95 $34,95
CO.UK $14,95 $14,95 $14,95
ORG.UK $14,95 $14,95 $14,95
ME.UK $14,95 $14,95 $14,95
TV $49,95 $49,95 $49,95
Tel $24,69 $24,69 $24,69
MOBI $27,39 $27,39 $27,39
PRO $21,79 $21,79 $21,79
HOST $135,49 $135,49 $135,49
OF $14,29 $14,29 $14,29
IT IS $19,95 $19,95 $19,95
$49,95 $49,95 $49,95

Simple administration of Its Domain

When registering its domain will be created an account, through which it will be able to register more domains to his name, and will obtain an administrative Control Panel in its own language for the management of all the aspects of its name.


A domain name is its own direction in Internet. 2 people or companies never can have identical names of domain, is for that reason an identifier for their company.


If or she registered his domain and he is not completely in agreement, she transfers his registered domain or to LojaHost and obtains all the benefits of being our client.


She manages his domain through a Control Panel in his language, intuitive and effective, with many gratuitous services of value added as redirection of emails or DNS.

Control. Protection. Economy

It takes advantage of all the services of our department of registry of domains.

Redirection of Domain

It free points his name from domain at another website! Redirection of users when its domain is written in a navigator.

Tools in Lot

Tools in Lot easy to use to help him to register, to renew, to transfer and to make other changes to several domains in a single step.

Protection against robbery

It protects his domain so that it is not transferred of accidental way or without permission with the gratuitous tool of Protection of Robbery.

Gratuitous services!

It obtains more from u$s100 in gratuitous services with each domain that registers. I resend of e-mails, redirection of sites and more!

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