Policies, Terms and Conditions of Acceptable Use.

when contracting our services, You accept these terms and conditions

In all community it is necessary to follow certain you rule to obtain a balance and a good operation of the set. Internet is a great community, major that any physical community that there are well-known, therefore, to obtain good results and quality of services, in LojaHost we commit ourselves with the ethical use of resources and tools of Internet. All that we make Internet we must accept you rule “social� minims to obtain the best results and thus of being able to make USE of herramientras that the technology offers to us and nonABUSE of the same. Lea at great length our policies and conditions of use before contracting our services. If it has some doubt, please contact to us and we will help it to the brevity.

It knows our policies

It makes click in the title to unfold corresponding texts.

LojaHost this dedicated to offer a service of quality superior around the world. The Terms and Conditions next are necessary to assure that we can continue giving the best service possible all to our clients and at the same time to satisfy our legal and ethical responsibilities.
Any action against some of these terms or conditions will be able to mean the immediate suspension or completion of the account without previous warning. LojaHost will be the only arbitrator at the time of considering if it has been violated some of these rules.
Any activity that is in the suspension or completion from an account will be in the total losses of the positions already phelp. The reclamations on abuses of some client in our network will be investigated and if are guilty of such abuse the account will be finished immediately.
In order to report suspicions of abuses or any violation to these terms, please protected contacts in [email to us]

Illegal use

The LojaHost servers must be used for intentions that always are within the law and the ethics. The transmission, storage, or distribution of any information, data or material in violation of any law or applicable regulation this prohibited. This includes, but it does not limit, a: material with copyright of another one, registered trademarks, secrets or another type of intellectual property without express authorization, and material that is obscene, slanderous, that constitutes an illegal treatment, or that breaks laws it express. Examples of nonacceptable contents or links: Pirate Software, Programs or Archives of Hackers, Warez Sites, MP3, and bots of IRC. The one that subscribes to the services that provide LojaHost accepts to compensate and/or to exclude from all legal problem to LojaHost of any resulting reclamation of the evil use of our service that can damage to the user or any other part.

LojaHost will be the only arbitrator at the time of considering if it has been violated some of these rules.

Content for Adults

Due to the special requirements of hardware and network of the oriented sites to adults, pornography and merchandising related to sex are prohibited. This includes sites that have related content, or links to sites of adults. This also applies to sites that promote illegal activities or contents that can damage our servers or any other servant in Internet. Links to this type of materials are prohibited.


Violations of our system or security of the network are prohibited, and can be in penal and/or civil denunciations. The examples include, but they do not limit, to the following thing: Deprived of authority access, interference with services of some user, including host or network, mail bombing, flooding, deliberate attempts to overload the servant and attacks of broadcast.

Resources of the servant

Any website that uses a high percentage of resources of the servant (as, but not limited, CPU time, use of memory, and resources of network) will be offered him an extra budget in accordance with payment (following the needs of resources), reduction of the use of resources until an acceptable level or as last instance will be requested to him that its site to another supplier sheds. LojaHost will be the only arbitrator to consider the high level of use of resources.

Scripts CGI/PHP

Scripts shared with domains hosted within a LojaHost servant is not allowed. Any script that demands an excessive amount of resources affecting the general performance of the servant or the integrity of our Network will be cancelled without previous warning. It sees our Policy of Scripts for more details.

Halls Chat

LojaHost does not allow the clients to install any hall own chat. The halls chat lie down to use great resources of the system and we cannot allow this as an option in an account.

Programs running in background and Tasks of Cron

LojaHost does not allow Demons in background as bots of IRC; eggdrop; BitchX; XiRCON; and any other program that interferes with the normal operation of the servant.


LojaHost does not allow to IRC nor bots of IRC operating in our servers.


Daily LojaHost realise backups in all the servers to assure that archives critics are not lost in cases in emergency. Of all ways LojaHost he is not responsible by the loss of data, time, gains or another type of resources due to some fortuitous failure of ours backups. It is responsibility of each client to maintain updated a copy of his site, archives and data bases by any type in emergency who can happen.

Also, daily LojaHost clarify that backups is ONLY for use within our servers and of no way will be offered to no client (without exceptions) copies some of these backups in no other type of digital support (CD, ZIP, DVD, etc.)

Responsibility of the client

The client is responsible for all activity originated from his account unless she tries to have been victim of an external attack of hacking. The client is responsible by the security for his name of user and password. The client assumes total responsibility by all material in his website, as much within or through third parts (as the use of pages Free For All links). The use of the services of LojaHost requires a certain level of knowledge in the use of languages of Internet, protocols, and software. This level of knowledge varies following the use in the content of the space Web by the client. The following examples are offered: Publication Web: it requires knowledge of HTML, lease and correct linkeo of documents, To raise by FTP contained, graphical, texts, sounds, etc. Publication Web by Frontpage: Knowledge of the tools of Frontpage. Cgi-Scripts: it requires knowledge of the UNIX atmosphere, commandos TAR & GUNZIP, Perl, permissions, etc. Mail: use of clients of email to receive and to send mail, etc. The client accepts that or she counts on the knowledge necessary to create and to maintain her space Web. The client accepts that it is not LojaHost responsibility to provide the basic knowledge to maintain his space Web.

UCE (Unsolicited Commerce Email) - Spam

The not asked for Spamming, or massive shipment of emails, from or through a LojaHost servant or using an email that is maintained in a machine in LojaHost this STRICTLY PROHIBITED. LojaHost will be the only arbitrator at the time of considering if it has been violated some of these rules. If you realise these you practice using another servant outside our network, but promoting activities in hosted sites in LojaHost servers, you also this in violation of our terms. Any account that violates our polĂ­itica one on the Spam immediately will be cancelled without previous warning and possibility of reclamation some.

Abuse of the Servant

Any attempt to cause to a specific damage to a servant of LojaHost or a client of LojaHost this strictly prohibited.

The violation of the rules above-mentioned will be in the cancellation of their account. We reserved the right to cancel any account without previous warning.

Distribution of Software

The accounts of hosting of LojaHost do not have to be used for distribution of software or products multimedia. If you wish to distribute to software and/or archives multimedia, please she contacts to the sales department for a special adjustment.

Archives Multimedia

Archives multimedia are defined as any graphical, audio file or video. The accounts of hosting of LojaHost do not have to be used for distribution or storage of great amounts of archives multimedia. Any account that lodges but of 80% of its assigned space of archives multimedia, will be noticed so that it releases space of archives of this type within his account.

Names of Domain

LojaHost takes the steps necessary to help him to register their domain in Internet when you require it. But the clients are the only people in charge to renew these domains. LojaHost is not responsible if some registered domain to traverse ours expires and the client did not renew it in time.

Data bases

All data base hosted within a LojaHost servant will be limited in size not more of 25% of the total of space assigned in its account.

Phelp administration and Amounts

LojaHost does not realise any type of return of the money entered by any cause (without exceptions). Also, each payment is applicable to the given domain of discharge and he is applicable to no other service, neither I prorate, nor taken at the expense of another payment. The payments are realised of 1Âş to the 8 of quarterly, semester or annual way by means of bank deposit, money order, bank draft, credit card or service of fast shipment of money of the Western Union company. The payment in term will not derive in the suspension of the service, for its rehabilitation will be due to pay the position of corresponding reconexiĂłn.

Once credited the first payment, the respective discharge in the servers in not more will occur than 8 hours. The services cannot be renombrar and the phelp amounts are applied to the domains qualified opportunely, without exception.

LojaHost is committed not to interfere with in no type of trade relation of their clients with third people, being maintained this way the anonymity of the contracting company thus to facilitate the task of reselling Web accounts hosting as distributor. The contracting company (if it entered the category to reseller), has the obligation to directly handle its payments with LojaHost of all the accounts requested as reseller. Because the accounts “resellers� indeed pay with discount to tell on a main account complete price, those will only stay in line while it is continued paying the corresponding main plan. When terminating itself the account mother the accounts “resellers� are terminated automatically (without exception and right to reclamation some). In the case of needing the loss the main domain and of continuing with the service of resellers, one of these will have to happen at the expense of complete price.

Actions taken by LojaHost

The violation of the client of some of the above detailed terms and conditions will be in the decontamination of the service. LojaHost will be the only arbitrator at the time of considering if the Policy of Acceptable Use has been violated. LojaHost reserves the right to remove any account that violates some of these terms without previous warning and possibility of reclamation some.

When LojaHost discovers a violation to the terms and conditions, it initiates an investigation. During the investigation, LojaHost can restrict the access to the client to prevent a potential deprived of authority activity. Following the gravity of the violation, LojaHost can, to their single discretion, to restrict, to suspend, or to finish the account of hosting of the client and/or to begin legal actions. If the violation is a criminal offense, LojaHost will notify to the corresponding authorities on this activity.

LojaHost out of line does not grant credits of any type per times of an account that has violated the terms and conditions.

The LojaHost clients accept these terms and conditions on watch and accept to compensate to LojaHost by any reclamation that arises from this violation damaging to LojaHost or a third party.

The service is offered as it is, based on the availability without guarantees of no type.

LojaHost express rejection to any supposition of guarantee of which LojaHost is a service without errors (error-free), and surely uninterrupted. LojaHost, their agents and suppliers are not responsible by some cost by damages that is arisen direct or indirectly of the use for the service.


LojaHost reserves the right at any time to add, to erase, or to modify anyone of forecasts of this Policy without previous warning. It is responsibility of the client periodically to check this contract to be updated with our conditions of acceptable use

Negation on watch

We reserved the right to refuse, to cancel, or to suspend the service to our single discretion.

LojaHost does not realise any type of return of the money entered by any cause (without exceptions).

In anyone of the services offered by LojaHost, either Web hosting, developments, design of websites, etc., once entered the payment combined previously in the case of works to size and under acceptance via email or chat or another means of the conditions of the work, the received amount will not be given back of any way and under any exception.

LojaHost provides to their clients of accounts with hosting that allow the use of archives cgi, scripts PHP and another type of EXE files. Because these scripts use many more resources than the HTML standard, certain restrictions must be established to control the use of systems of “active content�. We know that in many cases it is difficult to determine that script specific or application to us this causing that the system this overloading. But in the majority of the cases, we can easily locate the account that this overloading the servant. The following rules apply to all the archives of “active content� as they are listed underneath:

* script must use few resources of the system. The accounts with scripts that consume great amounts of resources of RAM and/or CPU will be subject to immediate suspension until the proprietor can be notified and is an alternative solution.

* Each account of hosting does not have to use more of 20% of the total resources of the system at any moment. If an account uses constantly but of 20% of resources of the system, the proprietor will be noticed and if it does not take some action to prevent this, the account will be suspended until finding an alternative solution.

* No script can interact with no configuration of the servant or hardware. The accounts executing these scripts will be subject to the total completion without previous warning and possibility of reclamation some.

* script cannot be used or referenced from another website nonhosted in LojaHost.

* script must be executed in a short and normal time. Everything script that uses more of few milliseconds of processor to execute itself will be subject to elimination of the system.

* Everything script that seems to be designed especially to attack either another malicious action against our servers or other external ones to our network is completely unacceptable, and if some of these scripts is found within its account the same immediately it will be eliminated of our system and their actions will be reported in the corresponding local, state authority, and legal federal and actions will be settled down against the owner of the account broken ties with all position to LojaHost.

* Halls chat based on Perl-cgi strictly are prohibited.

* Scripts that requires a high bandwidth, as halls chat not-cgi or scripts of rotation of banners, only will be allowed in our great accounts but.

* scripts must stay safe. Unnecessary permissions of total writing (777) will be a violation to our policy. To maintain scripts in a public directory without an index.html (at least in target) is also a violation to our policy.

NOTE: If script cannot be executed of another way that with permission 777 (very rare case) will have to contact to our center of attention the client to obtain approval for this script.

* Some scripts gratuitous and public as forums (YABB), or portals (NUke-postnuke) that use resources excessively and are a potential danger of security for our systems will be considered according to the case. Of all ways, LojaHost recommends not to use this type of scripts of no way.

All account found with scripts that they violate this policy will be subject to investigation by our system adiniatrators. If some script is found that this damaging our system somehow or using an excessive amount of resources, the same will immediately be eliminated and the account of hosting blocked until it notifies the proprietor of this account. Scripts malicious will be subject to immediate completion of the account without previous warning and possibility of reclamation some.

In order to reach our goal to provide the best service of lodging Web after our users, LojaHost offers a complete rank of commercial services of lodging Web. The abuse of these services is considered a violation to our Terms and Conditions (“contract Acceptance� that you brand before ordering our service). One of the serious abuses but is to use its account to send e-mail commercial not solicitd, also known as “Spam�.

The following are Spam examples and are all violations to our policy.

Unsuitable activities of E-mail:

* E-mail commercial not solicitd: This is prohibited. It is not allowed to him to use an account of LojaHost or alias of e-mail of virtual his hosting to send not asked for commercial email. The use of an account of e-mail hosted in a DNA servant to receive answers of a asked for commercial email is also not prohibited. This includes the use of throw-away, mail accounts free to promote its account in LojaHost or redirections to the same account.

* Bombing Mail: Defined as the shipment of great commercial volumes of emails not asked for to people or companies from its account in LojaHost. This strictly is prohibited.

* Harassment: Defined as the shipment of emails threatening or pursuing after to have received several times the order to stop those shipments, this final prohibited.

Unsuitable activities in Groups of the News:

* Spamming to Groups of the News: Defined as the excessive posteo of messages, or to send the same article to very many different groups. This is prohibited. A standard of not more is accepted generally than 15 groups of the news, or posteos, for a single article or substantially similar articles. You not this qualified to use an account in a LojaHost servant to send Spam to Groups of the News.

* Posteos “in off - topic� or unsuitable: There are no restrictions in the contents, except the defined ones by each group of the news. The continuous article shipment in off - topic this prohibited. Please it considers that the commercial warnings are considered in off - topic in the great majority of groups of the news.


We took very in serious the violation to our policy of Spam. This is one of the worse anonymous things than they are in Internet. All client of found LojaHost guilty to realise Spam will be in the total and immediate loss of his account without previous warning, neither questions, nor place to reclamations (we will carefully investigate the report before finishing their account). There will be warnings nor no double chances. If we found that you have violated our Policy of Acceptable Use, you will be reported so much the incident as and its company to the corresponding local, federal and international authorities. It remembers that now a crime in UCE shipment is considered (E-mail Commercial not solicitd)

We do not try to be censors, nor we attempted against the businesses of our clients. But in its totality, the Spam damages to our users and help when spammer. A favor is also made and: PLEASE IT DOES NOT DO IT.

If you know of some client of LojaHost that is violating this policy, please send a message to us, or of being possible, resend the mail to us of the complete Spam (including heads) to [email protected]

For consultations about our policies and terms of use, contact to us here.