General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Policy of protection of data


LojaHost needs to collect and to use certain data on individuals. This information can include clients, suppliers, commercial contact, employees and other people with whom the organization has a relation or can have to contact. This policy describes how these personal data must be compiled, be handled and be stored to fulfill the standards of protection of data of the company and to fulfill the law.

Why this policy exists

This policy of protection of data guarantees that LojaHost

  • It fulfills the law of protection of data and follows the good practices
  • It protects the rights of the personnel, clients and partners
  • It is transparent envelope how it stores and it processes the personal data of the people
  • It is protected of the risk of a violation of data
The general Regulation of protection of data

The Regulation of Protection of General performances of European Unión (GDPR) replaces the Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize the laws of protection of data in all Europe, to protect and to harness the privacy of data of all the citizens of the EU and to remodel the final organizations through approach of the region on the privacy of data. The main objective of the GDPR is to give back to the control to the citizens and residents on its personal data and to simplify the normative surroundings for the international businesses unifying the regulation within the EU.

What is “personal Data??

“Personal data? so much in the Directive as in the GDPR as any information related to a person is defined who can identify herself, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier as a name, a number of identification, data of location, an identifier in line or to one or more specific factors of physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social the identity of that person. Therefore, in many cases, the identifiers in line, including direction IP, the cookies, etc., now will consider personal data if they can be (or they can be it) without a tie illegal effort to the subject of data.

1. Compilation and pursuit of information
1.1. When it visits our website

It can visit our website ( without revealing his personal information. LojaHost uses Google Analytics and Cookies to improve our service, the experience of the user and to analyze how our website is used. In addition to the approximate location (direction IP), the information compiled by Google Analytics is in its majority anonymous data of traffic, that include information of the navigator, information of the device, language. We did not compile additional information, as its age, sex, I interest, banking data or click in line. The compiled information is used to provide a general vision of how the people are acceding and using the LojaHost website. It is not used for any additional intention, as the profile of which they accede to our website.

2. When it contacts to us

Although it can use our website without providing his personal information, once one communicates with us through LojaHost website, we will compile information exceeds you. The information that it completes (personal information as its name, email address, organization) will be processed and stored so that we can be contacted and respond to his request, and/or to allow the access to our services.

2.1. Recruitment

If it asks for a work in LojaHost, we will compile, process and store the information that it has sent to us for aims related to the hiring, as putting itself in touch with you. In addition, LojaHost can conserve their data by a period of time in order to consider it for a different opportunity.

3. Accessories of social networks

Our website presents three accessories to share easily and to follow our pages of social networks: Facebook, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Bird, Palo Alto, CA 94304, the USA; LinkedIn, operated by LinkedIn, 2029 Sterling Court Mountain View, CA 94043, the USA; and Twitter, operated by Twitter, Inc. Attn: Privacy Policy Inquiry 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, the USA.
To be in our website automatically does not give as result the interchange of data in these social networks. These accessories remain inactive until click in them becomes. Once fact click in him, will be taken to these social networks with its own specific policies of privacy that is recommended to consult.

4. Security of the information

LojaHost worries to guarantee the security of the personal data. When LojaHost successfully obtains information exceeds you, also we made sure that its information is protected against the nonauthorized access, the loss, the manipulation, the falsification, the destruction or the nonauthorized spreading. This becomes through appropriate technical measures.

5. Access to the information

It must right to ask for access to the information that we have envelope you. Email can do communicating it with us to [protected]. We will make sure to provide a copy to him of the data that we processed envelope you. In order to fulfill his request, we can solicit from him that it verifies his identity. We will electronically fulfill its request sending its copy, unless the request specifies a different method specifically. For any request of later access, we can acquire an administrative tariff to him.

6. Correction and elimination of information

If it thinks that the information that we have envelope you you are incorrect, it can be put in touch with us so that we can update it and maintain his exact data. All the data will be eliminated that no longer are necessary for the aims specified in the compilation and the use of the information.
If at some time it wishes that the LojaHost eliminates information you exceed you, simply you can communicate with us.

7. When this policy of privacy is applied

This Policy of Privacy is applicable to the services offered by LojaHost directly through our website. Our website can contain connections to other websites. Once redirigido to another website, this Policy no longer is applicable.
This version of the Policy of Privacy enters use as of May of 2018.

8. Changes

We reserved the right to change this Policy of privacy. We review our Policy of privacy constantly and we strived to improve it. LojaHost will not reduce their rights established in this Policy without requesting an explicit previous consent to the changes. All the changes to our Policy of privacy will be available in this website.

9. In order to summarize

In agreement with the applicable law, we only compiled a limited amount of information that is necessary to improve our service. We did not use profiles, we do not sell or of no other way we disclosed its data to third parties, and we did not use his data for aims different from the specified ones. Also we made sure that their data are stored safely. We eliminate all the information that is considered that no longer it is necessary. We review our Policy of privacy constantly to improve it and to protect it more.

10. It can contact to us at any time stops:
  • To ask for access to the information that LojaHost has envelope you
  • It corrects any information that LojaHost has envelope you
  • To eliminate the information that LojaHost has envelope you

If it has additional questions on the compilation and the data storage of LojaHost, contact to us in:

[email protected]

Glossary of terms
The Cookies

cookies are small archives or other data that unload or store in their computer or another device that can be related to the information on the use of our website (including certain services and characteristics of third parties offered as part of our website).


A device is what uses to arrive at our website, as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Direction IP

The direction of Protocol of Internet (IP) is a number that is connected to its device. A direction IP can be used to determine the location of its device, generally, within a radius of 40 km, reason why it is not an exact determination of his location. Directions IP are basically how Internet works.

Personal information

The personal information is information that can identify it. This it can be his name, e-mail, information of contact or another type of information that can be tracked until you.

For consultations about our policy of protection of data, contact to us here.