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We are offering services in Internet from 1997. Without mattering if you have a small business, corporation of medium or great size or it needs a private website. We do all the necessary one to help it to have his website in Internet, economic and easily safe.

All the accounts of lodging Web that we sell tell on private and independent access a Control Panel. We use cPanel that is the Control Panel number 1 of the industry and provides rich surroundings in line from where its lodging can be managed Web.

Through private panel Cpanel it has access to all that with his account of lodging used Web, space and transference, amount of data bases available and used, amount of email accounts, statistics, report of errors and much more.

Yes. An increase of plan can ask for us at any time or to lower to a previous plan of hosting, also we can arm some specific plan to his measurement.

Our servers are preparations to lodge any type of domain and extension of any country of the world.

There is certain domains and extensions that must be transacted, personally normally pertaining to countries, as the .com domains of Argentina, or .cl of Chile, or .com .br of Brazil. We also helped it and advised in all the proceeding. On the other hand, also we offer tens of other domains that can be registered through our division of registry of domains doing click here

Our cycle of minimum payment is quarterly and we realised very important discounts by advanced annual payment. In Argentina we only received the payments by means of deposit or transference bancariaen French Bank BBVA or Patagonia Bank. For any other country of the world, we used the services of Paypal in dollars for the collection with credit card online. Once entered as client, it will have access to our exclusive administrative panel where it will be able to administer his accounts of hosting, payments and victories.

The archives must be transferred to the Web server through file transfer protocol (FTP) or using the File manager including in the Control Panel Cpanel in each account. In order to transfer via FTP, it needs to install in his computer a program to realise this. We recommend to always use the FileZilla that can unload it from its official site here

We offer lodging Web under Linux platform, and only included data bases mySQL (MariaDB mySQL, last version), that are the more powerful and used data bases in the network.

Yes, by all means. We recommend the use of Wordpress on others. Also we recommended to maintain these systems continuously updated, as much the system in himself as the groups and plugins since to the being of open code they are very prone to attacks and intrusions of hackers or malwares.

Yes, by all means. We work in this from 1997 and we counted on a team of graphical professionals and programmers with much experience to help it to have his website online with the last technologies available, a modern and aesthetic and optimized appearance for the indexing in the main web search engines. We can offer a professional and economic solution to him to his necessity of website. In order to ask for a budget, communicate with us.


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