Electronic commerce

its products and services and in line easy!

The electronic commerce this and is the base of our businesses here online. LojaHost

â„¢it counts on the tools that you need to begin generating his own gains in Internet. Our connection OC-192, lines T3 and powerful servers of ecommerce in line provide to you with the necessary speed and power to him for their businesses.

We can quickly create his easy Store Online and with an excellent design. Our team of designers and programmers is ready to help it to start their business in the Internet…

With our exclusive software of recognized store online you will be able to incorporate gateways of payment but in the network, as Paypal, 2Checkout, Moneybookers, WorldPay, DineroMail, EGold and more. The administrative Control Panel is very easy and intuitive and continuously we are adding modules with more functions to far better do his experience with the electronic commerce every day.

Demo proves ours online. Thus podria to see its site!

Characteristics of the Store Online

Endorsement of Data

We adapt the Store with multiple plantilas predesigned

Not only we helped it to publish its products and/or services in Internet, also we advised it in all the referring one to the electronic commerce and adapted its new store online using present, responsive groups of design (friendly with movable dispostivos) and with a high graphical quality.

Demo proves ours online making click in the image of izquuierda

Relax. Through private panel it will be able to handle all their store.

The enter its private panel/Intranet takes control of an administrative password that we offered him at the time of installing software. Once entered, you podra to create categories to organize its products and/or services, to add products with galleries of photos, options, prices, etc. The system furthermore allows him to enter code HTML in the descriptions of each product.

Private access

Access to the administrative panel deprived with user and password with encryption high security.

Handling intuitive of contents

It can believe all the categories and subcategories that wish, products, options, colors, prices and more.

Management of clients and you order

It administers all the you order, its different states and controls the data base of all clients.

Integration with Tens of Means of Payment Online

The store system online this preparation to work with means of payment but important and known in Internet. You only must register an account in some of the systems of payment online (as Paypal, 2checkout, Dineromail, PagueloFacil, etc.) and soon from the deprived panel of the store will only have to introduce YOU GO of his user and to qualify that method of payment.

Endorsement of security

The archives of operation of the system are always replacable and create a problem solutionable in any case. But the data base of its store online is the base of its business online. His categories, products, clients and you order entered. It realises a daily or weekly endorsement of simple form from its private panel.