Friendly DataCenter with the environment.

hardware and connectivity of high quality with efficient use of the energy

Our innovating global infrastructure is constructed to respond with the systems and atmospheres necessary and thus to provide services of infrastructure burglaryable, trustworthy and safe for you and their organization.

We concentrated in the solutions adapted for his business, solutions that cover their specific enterprise needs, which allows him to quickly implement and in accordance with his ssd vps hosting business technology that grows and evolves. To take advantage of our infrastructure will allow him to concentrate in its main business while LojaHost guarantees the quality of their systems and operations.

Greater economy with consumption reduction

Our technology reduces the carbon emission and saves money by means of the execution of one tenth part of the energy of a regular servant. Less heat is generated, because less energy is used. This way, the refrigeration costs are reduced due to the smaller amount of consumed energy.

Only 21% of datacenters in the world are efficient 100% in the power consumption. In LojaHost we only had servers located in datacenters with 100% of efficiency. We are part of 21%!

The advanced equipment reduces the cooling needs

Recently, the advanced equipment but and of completes technology, significantly reduces to the total use of energy reducing the needs of refrigeration in the facilities

Use of renewable energy

Ours datacenters also produces part of their own renewable energy and this studying new forms to obtain more, to reduce to the indiscriminate use of energy, canalizing the same to other needs within the facilities.

Safe and friendly surroundings with the environment

Although the datacenters already have strict norms when it treats on watch, reliability and yield, an ecological initiative within datacenter has numerous advantages. When he lodges his website in our facilities, you will undergo a high performance, security, with equipment of last generation. In addition, the capacity of recovery of energy and the systems of monitoring of the environment in our datacenters are otherwise the high range.

Recycling and forest investment

All our packages and packaging originated by the use of consumptions are recyclings. We only offered electronic invoices to avoid the consumption of unnecessary paper. By each 100 connected new servers to datacenters, it is reversed in a hectare of natural forests

High speed

Optimization efficient and improved of the final traffic to its website obtaining better speed.

Improved connectivity

We maintain more than 550 Gbps of premium dedicated server hosting connectivity to diminish the latency in each jump and make our speed stable and reduce the downtime by 99%.

Ecologically friendly

Hosting its site with us, it will help to reduce the impact of its business on the environment.

Ddos protection

20Gbps of Ddos protection including without position against attacks to its site based on UDP, TCP and ICMP.

Control Panel Cpanel

In order to improve his experience and resource management of hosting, we only used Cpanel panels.

Backups daily

Their data are assured. We do backups daily, weekly and monthly of his archives and data bases.

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